La Jolla Lighting has just a couple rules of thumb. Ideally you would have a mix of light sources and varying levels to create a flattering ambiance. Depending on the room you would also make sure you have the appropriate task lighting for what you do in that area. Lighting can completely transform any space, so don’t hesitate to come into the show room and let us help you plan your room or house lighting.


We have a variety of dinning room and living room chandeliers. A fresh, contemporary classic chandelier from La Jolla lighting will be the perfect fit for your home.

Modern Lights

La Jolla Lighting has the most dynamic modern lighting showroom in La Jolla, CA. We carry top quality brands in every style and size. We take pride in providing our customers with exceptional products and service.

Pendant Lights

When searching for Pendant Lighting, consider La Jolla Lighting to add elegance to your home. We offer lighting for your kitchen and dinning room area. Our excellent selection of pendant lighting will give you a variety of lighting to choose from.


Scones provide the radiant light that gives a room its warmth. Contemporary and modern wall sconces will give a room or space a distinctive personality. At La Jolla lighting we provide customers with scones that will give any room a sense of direction with decorating.

Exterior Lights

The exterior lighting of your home is what visitors first notice. Let La Jolla Lighting help you find the right exterior fixtures for your home. The perfect exterior lights for your home will increase your homes visibility at night.

Bathroom Lights

A combination or sidelights and overhead lighting can help to minimize shadows on your face whether your putting on makeup or shaving.


Does your home need a distinctive new look? Let our team of professionals at La Jolla Lighting assist you with choosing the proper table, desk and floor lamp.

Landscape Lights

Personalizing your property can be challenging. Our team of lighting experts can help you add beauty and security to your property. Landscape lighting is a perfect way to increase the features of your property; paths, trees, gardens and fences. We’ll assist you with considering the perfect balance and color lights to add pleasing results.